Presidentially Speaking by Paul Nisbet

MSCPA President 2013-2014

MSCPA President 2013-2014

It is exciting to be blogging on behalf of the MSCPA! I want to express my thanks to Margaret for taking the initiative to start this blog, and I hope we all embrace it. The biggest risk with any blog is that the content can become stale. Let’s challenge ourselves to not let that happen.

I look forward to using this new communication tool to share the thoughts, activities and current priorities of the Board of Directors. I also am anxious to read similar posts from each of you as well. Members participating in our chapters and committees should definitely consider using the blog to keep us all informed of the great meetings, initiatives, and developments that are happening.

The Board set several primary initiatives for this year:
1) Working with local Chapters to help them become more vital.
2) Defining member value.
3) Working with the State Board through needed changes/updates.
3) Identifying new revenue sources to help MSCPA thrive through the next 100 years.

Earlier this year the Board recognized the importance of engaging the younger professionals in the Society. This recognition led to the creation of the BAR CPAs. I hope that each of you had a chance to read the article that BAR member Megan Walsh contributed to a recent issue of eConnect. Megan did a great job of describing the mission of the group, and providing an update on their progress on their three primary initiatives.

This blog provides a perfect forum to provide updates on the board initiatives. Watch for updates on the Board initiatives in the near future.

One thought on “Presidentially Speaking by Paul Nisbet

  1. The Butte Chapter had an interesting meeting yesterday. Jim Woy, Bob Bristol, and John Winston talked about the new financial statement option for small and medium sized businesses. We invited bankers to join us to learn about the option. I wish more of the invited bankers would have attended. It was a great opportunity to share this new option with them and to get their perspective.

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