Important Numbers to Share

by Jean Rieden, MSCPA Professional Development Director

Our Board of Directors always tells us, “Give us numbers; we love numbers!”  So that said, we’ve got some phenomenal numbers we want to share with YOU . . .  and the Board. 

Vern Hoven and Ron Roberson are doing a Federal Tax Update for MSCPA in Missoula this week.  It’s the last class of our 2013/2014 Professional Development season.  So we thought it was a great time to share our Professional Development numbers from this season with you.

  • 1,430 participants joined us for classes in 2013/2014
  • MSCPA held 48 classes in 2013/2014. These 48 classes accounting for 54 days of learning—nearly 11 work weeks!
  • MSCPA issued 13,280 credits in 2013/2014

And all this is just from our LIVE classes.

So let’s discuss our online education opportunities.

  • 104 participants participated in MSCPA sponsored online learning over the past year.
  • 526 CPE credits were issued to those participants.

What’s next on the education horizon? Tons of great things to enhance your professionalism.

  • We start the 2014/2015 season with literally hundreds of online course offerings. If you need something specific let me know.
  • The 5th Annual Industry Conference will be our first LIVE class of 2014/2015, held March 19 & 20 in Helena.
  • We’re adding a second farm and ranch course this year in June in Yellowstone. We’ve partnered with the Washington, Idaho and Wyoming Societies to bring you this event.
  • In August, the always popular Pat Gaverick will teach a healthcare reform class in Billings.
  • And we’re bringing back the Tech Conference August 7 & 8 but this time it’s going to be held in Cody, WY, in conjunction with the Idaho and Wyoming Societies. It’s a great time of the year to make a vacation out of this one.

All the 2014/2015 classes are available on our Professional Development page on the website—check them out when the spirit moves you or you simply need a break!

The Professional Development Calendar will be mailed to our BING (Business, Industry, NFP, Gov’t) members in February and our Public Practice members right after tax season. Watch your mailboxes—you don’t want to miss it!

And if you have any CPE questions I’m always here to answer them for you: 800.272.0307 or

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