3 Ways to Find Value in Your Membership

by Margaret Herriges, Communications Director

The first week of February means dues time at MSCPA. Dues statements were emailed to most of our members on February 3rd. Did you notice something? Your dues are the same as they were last year. And in the words made famous by television infomercials: But wait . . . there’s more!

  1. No dues increases.
    Dues are the same price as 2013
  2. No increases to the cost of classes.
    Member prices remain:
    $135 for a four-hour class
    $270 for an eight-hour class
    $540 for a 16-hour class
    And you’ll save even more if you purchase FLEX Credits before June 30th.
  3. No increase to Annual Meeting registration. (June 19-20 in Helena)
    In fact the pricing is the same as it was in 2011: $349 early bird

Our focus at MSCPA is VALUE! We want you to find the value in membership not only in the money you save each year but in the programs and skills you get from participating.  We offer so many services/benefits to help you succeed so contact us, become involved in the issues, attend the events we plan with you and your needs in mind.  You’ll soon find way more than three ways to see the value in MSCPA membership.

We’re here for you. Your Success. Our Business.

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