How to Connect if You Are the Only CPA in Your Office

Are you the only CPA in your office? We hear that a lot from our BING (business, industry, NFP, gov’t) members. And sometimes do you wish you had someone to run an idea past, or ask an accounting question? You need that someone who understands what you are talking about, Imagesomeone who can think out loud with you.

These are the types of conversations we hear each year at the Industry Conference, this exchange of ideas. We walk through the crowds at break time and sit with you at lunches and we hear issues being discussed, great conversations blooming and solutions being debated.

MSCPA President Paul Nisbet is a BING member himself and he says,

“The biggest benefit of the [Industry] conference is the connections and friendships that are created.  I often leverage these connections by reaching out to the Industry CPAS that I have met at the conference throughout the year. The ability to collaborate on issues and topics and learn from the experiences of these experts is invaluable.”

So while we promise you outstanding speakers about cutting edge topics each year, the Industry Conference itself is about more than the CPE. It’s about the connections you make.

We hear people say, “You know we had that same problem and this is how we handled it . . .” and “How are these new standards affecting you?” and best of all, “Thank you! I’m so glad I got to talk to you about this issue.” The Industry Conference is a safe ground for participants to ask questions of instructors, staff and most importantly each other.

If you come to this year’s Industry Conference you’ll get 16 hours of professional development but you just might get a whole lot more. This year’s conference is March 19 & 20 at the Great Northern in Helena. Contact Jean if you have any questions: 800.272.0307 or

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