3 Ways to Find More Value in Your Membership

by Margaret Herriges, Communications Director

Question: How do you find organizations who need audits and conversely, how do you get an RFP for an audit into the hands of the right professionals?Image

Answer: You use MSCPA’s RFP Center! It’s relatively new, but it’s a spectacular idea if we do say so ourselves!

The idea behind it is to create more value for our members—both for those who do audits and those who need them. How does it do that? Let us count the ways . . .

  1. FIND YOUR NEXT AUDIT JOB—If you provide audits, check out the RFP Center (under Member Resources) on a regular basis. Whenever we post RFPs here we shout it out on our Social Media feeds and in eConnect. Only members can see this section of the website so you will need to log-in.
  2. IF YOU NEED AN AUDIT—Contact Margaret Herriges if you want to post your audit RFP to the Center. It’s free and we’ll make sure lots of people see it. We understand how hard it can be to get an audit RFP in the hands of the right people.
  3. TELL YOUR CLIENTS ABOUT IT—If you have clients who need an audit (and you can’t perform it for them) tell them about the Audit RFP Center and have them contact Margaret. Any organization can POST an RFP on this site for FREE—nonprofits, for profits, governments–we accept them all.  We do encourage them to post it as early as possible giving our members some lead time to prepare an excellent submission.

The Audit RFP Center was created to help you. We hope you will use it and encourage others to use it as well. MSCPA’s Vision is to be the most valued professional resource for our members. We hope the RFP Center goes a long way towards achieving this.

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