Presidentially Speaking — We Count Our Blessings

by Ann Deegan, President
Summers McNea, Billings

MSCPA President Ann Deegan

MSCPA President Ann Deegan

Hard to believe it is November, that time of year when we count our many blessings.   Like most, I count my family and friends among those blessings.  Anyone who knows me knows I have a lot of family to be thankful for, the gathering of which requires the rental of a hall to host Thanksgiving Dinner!

My work family (with whom I spend more time than anyone, especially during tax season) is also included among my blessings. Summers-McNea is a fun group of professionals to work with.  We occasionally find ourselves sharing stories, that only those with “accounting humor” can appreciate.  The office Christmas parties and open houses, almost always include a story or two from Leroy and Mel about “tax seasons past”.  Working those long hours is easier to manage, when you work with people you can share with–laughs, as well as the struggles that we all face along life’s journey.

I am also thankful for all the great people I have met from across the state at the MSCPA Annual Meetings, especially those I have gotten to know better through the years while serving on committees and the MSCPA board.  The Board travels to different cities around the state to hold our quarterly board meetings and while we work hard to accomplish the business at hand, we have some time after meetings to get acquainted personally as we share dinner and drinks . . . and stories.  Any past board member will tell you that it is a great experience to be a board member and meet CPAs from across the state.  We become friends as well as colleagues. We look forward to the Annual Meeting, to hear about the latest developments in our profession, to have the opportunity to participate and share view points on emerging issues, and to catch up personally and professionally.

If you have ever considered serving on the MSCPA Board of Directors—NOW IS THE TIME.  For all of us as professionals, it is time well spent. There are many benefits associated with connections made and knowledge acquired.  For firms and employers, it is a great investment in your employees and your future.  Like anything, we get out of it what we put into it.  If we don’t think it is important enough to make time to advocate for ourselves and our profession—who will?

Jump in and be a part of the future of accounting in Montana, as we continue to work through the ever-changing business world and the role of the CPA.

Learn more about the time commitment and expectations of Board Service and submit your application by November 25th.

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