Your CPE tracked a new way

NASBA CPE Tracking

NASBA CPE Tracking

MSCPA is now using NASBA’s cpetracking system. NASBA’s cpetracking will automatically synchronize with the live classes and chapter events you take from the Montana Society AND it will allow you to upload certificates of attendance from webcasts and live classes you take from other vendors. It’s all online and easy to use!

Here’s how it will work on our website:

You’ll find cpetracking under the MEMBERS tab at From there you will click the link to go to NASBA cpetracking.  Once you establish an account you can log-in to see all your credits* and upload new classes/webcasts and attendance certificates. The Montana State Board sent log-ins to everyone in early May. If you have not seen this letter from the State Board please contact Grace Berger (406.841.2244)

The best part of cpetracking is that all your MSCPA credits from the past three years will automatically be uploaded* for you (these should appear by the end of June 2015). Then, going forward, all the MSCPA live classes and chapter events will automatically upload and you will only have to upload webcasts and events you don’t take from us (most webcasts listed on our site are from another provider).

What’s the advantage to you?

  1. If you are audited by the Montana Board of Public Accountants they will be able to access these records. The only thing you’ll have to do is keep your cpetracking up-to-date.
  2. You can now upload your certificates for classes taken from a provider other than MSCPA. With the old system, you still had to send those certificates to the State Board.
  3. If you already have classes uploaded into MSCPA’s CPE Tracker, those classes will automatically be transferred to NASBA cpetracking*. You may have to upload the certificates for classes not taken from MSCPA.
  4. NASBA cpetracking is free and easy to use.

Check out NASBA’s introduction video for more information and if you have questions please contact Grace Berger at the State Board or Jean Rieden at MSCPA.

*The classes you’ve taken from January 2015 to present may not be reflected on your NASBA cpetracking until the end of June.

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