Presidentially Speaking–a Goodbye from Ann Deegan

Ann Deegan, MSCPA President

Ann Deegan, MSCPA President

Time really does fly by.  This past year serving as President of MSCPA was a great experience.  When I met with Jane and Margaret to begin planning for the 2014-2015 year, I wasn’t sure what to focus on during the year.  As we talked about some of the past presidents’ plans and successful projects, the idea of reviewing our Strategic Plan, to ensure continued success of those projects, rose to the top.

So, beginning last May, the Board of Directors developed the M S C P A Strategic plan. From there, our very competent Executive Director and Society Staff focused on implementing the plan and making adjustments, with approval and guidance from the Board.  The plan has continued to evolve.

What does this all mean to you as a member? It means your society is continuously working to live up to its Tag Line—“Your Success. Our Business.”

MSCPA—It means much more than Montana Society of CPAs:

Membership:  We want MSCPA to be your professional organization throughout your career.  It is your organization; we hope you will always see the value in your membership, helping you to be successful–from Student Membership through the years to Honorary Life Membership.

Sustainability:  Maintaining a dynamic organization and ensuring our next 100 years of existence. The Legacy Foundation provided 10 student scholarships to attend the 2015 Annual Conference, paying their registration fees.  It was great to meet the students and interact with them during the conference.

Connections:  Your society strives to maintain connections with the local chapters, colleges, other professional organizations and helps you stay connected with your peers.  The Rural Chapter, for members who practice in our less populated communities, was launched this past year and is off to a great start.

Professional Excellence:  Delivering education and providing resources.  What is the Future of Learning?  How will we continue to learn and meet our CPE requirements?  And, resources—how do we continue to assist members and be a professional resource? We will continue to work on these issues to be a state society that is proactive, rather than reactive.

Advocacy:  Advance and protect the profession.  Your organization is advocating for YOU.  The 2015 Montana Legislative Session was a success in terms of bills sponsored and/or supported by our Legislative and State Tax Committees.  In May, your ACIPA council members spent time visiting the Hill in Washington DC, meeting with Representative Zinke and Senators Tester and Daines, advocating on issues important to the profession.

I feel we have accomplished a lot in a year that has truly flown by.  The plan is in place, always ready for adjustments if necessary.  I believe we are well positioned to be a viable organization for another 100 years.  With this, we will work through changes, to help us adapt to an ever evolving profession.  It is time to pass the torch to Brenda Byrnes and the 2015-2016 board.  They have some great ideas to help the MSCPA develop a new structure and new opportunities.  Stay tuned!

Mark your calendar now.  Next year’s annual meeting will be in Great Falls, June 23-24, 2016.  Don’t miss it—the proof of how much fun we had this year—it’s in the pictures!

Thank you MSCPA for a great opportunity and privilege to serve as President 2014-2015.

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