Watch your email Feb 1st

from Jean Reiden, MSCPA Membership & Professional Development Director

feb-1It’s that time again! The beginning of our membership year starts on February 1st. We’ll be sending out your dues statements—for most of you via email.

The dues schedule this year will be:

  • Public Practice $300
  • BING $270
  • Associate $240
  • Out-of-State $240
  • Non-CPA Public Practice $300
  • Non-CPA BING $270
  • Associate/Certified Out-of-Country $355
  • Inactive $25
  • Retired $50

You can pay your dues online at (you’ll need to log in), by check or call us with a credit card (800.272.0307).

We are grateful for your continued membership and strive daily to create as much value as possible to help our members succeed.

If you have any questions regarding your dues, need to update your membership type or contact information, please reach out to me at 800.272.0307 or

Thank you for your continued membership.

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