Work Life: Finding your Balance in Montana

by: Molly Holahan, Communications Director at the Montana Society of CPAs

We hear from members all the time that you have trouble finding the talent you need to move your business forward.  One way the MSCPA is addressing this issue is the MontanaConnection campaign.

The goals of this campaign are:

  • Keep Montana Accounting/Finance graduates in Montana
  • Connect job seekers with the perfect Montana Company
  • Promote work life balance and all of Montana’s amazing outdoor recreation


How do we accomplish these goals? Since May 1st, the MSCPA has been driving web traffic to the MontanaConnection website.  Professionals that are typing in the phrase jobs in accounting, or any variant of CPA jobs, accounting firms, etc. into Google’s search field and are also located in one of our geographic targets, brings the MontanaConnection website into the search results.  Once they click on our website, job seekers can review, apply for jobs and upload their resume.

How can you help?  By posting jobs on the MontanaConnection website, those visiting the site will see all the opportunities we have in Montana.  You will also have more candidates viewing your job posting helping you find qualified applicants that may not have heard about your job openings.

Brain drain is a huge problem in Montana, many students leave shortly after graduating to work in big cities.  For some, after spending time away, they want to come home and get back to the slower pace and enjoy their roots.  This campaign targets those exact individuals by using specific demographics and geofences for certain firms across the northwest.

Deer Lake Gallatin Canyon


What is geofencing? It’s an incredible way to target the exact people you’re wanting to reach.  The technical description is: the use of GPS or RFID technology to create a virtual geographic boundary, enabling software to trigger a response when a mobile device enters or leaves a particular area.   For this campaign, we are using geofencing when a person enters or leaves a campus or one of our targeted firms in Seattle, Portland or Colorado, the MontanaConnection ads show on social media and are displayed while the person is browsing online.  You’ve likely seen these types of ads on your own phone device.  For example, after leaving Lowes or Home Depot, you will see ads appear on your phone while browsing the web reminding you of items you may have looked at in store.

As we all know, Montana is full of great opportunities as well as recreational activities that many states can’t compete with!  We want to match the right people with the right Montana company to help them find the life they’re looking for and help you find the talent you need.

For more information on MontanaConnection, click here.


One thought on “Work Life: Finding your Balance in Montana

  1. This year the campaign has almost 1 million impressions and over 3,500 clicks. An impression is the ad appearing on the screen for someone. Our click through rate is .43%, which sounds very small but beats the industry average of .35%. While these numbers are interesting the important thing is we are getting OUR story out there. Every time our ad is on someone’s screen it plants a little seed that Montana has opportunities for CPAs. Most of these seeds won’t grow, but others develop into a click, then a conversation about moving to Montana and eventually a new job and life in Montana. We have great opportunities here and we need to share that message!

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