MSCPA Membership- Why Wouldn’t YOU Join?

Rector Gabbye 2016Written by Gabbye Rector, CFO, North 40 Outfitters, MSCPA BING Member

I don’t think I appreciated my membership in the MSCPA until I moved into industry.

Ironically, I remember when I moved to industry I considered dropping my membership because I didn’t really think it would be applicable to me anymore. Boy was I wrong. The eye-opening event for me was the first MSCPA Industry Conference I attended. Before moving to industry, someone else usually directed my CPE learning, so if a class was a dud you could usually blame the person planning. In industry, it’s all up to me to find CPE and my first year I really struggled finding good classes. The Industry Conference changed that. Awesome classes, great networking and time away from a face paced office environment where there are constant interruptions and people needing different things. It was like being on vacation.

Fast forward a little and MSCPA brought their CPE experience to the next level. Not only would they provide a wide array of classes, they track the class activity for you if it is an MSCPA event. Double win, especially when you must track everything yourself.

Now days, it seems like everything wants you to become a member, your gym, Amazon, the grocery store. It becomes overwhelming at times. So, when pondering why be a part of MSCPA, I ask as a CPA, why wouldn’t you be? It is truly an organization that wants to know what they can do to make the CPA profession in Montana, better, stronger and a professional leader.

Click here to learn more about the 2018 Industry Conference.

Click here for information on MSCPA memberships.

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