2018 is going to be great!

by Allen Lloyd, MSCPA Executive Director


Many of you are about to head into your first or 50th tax season. Others are working to close the books on another year for their business. There might even be a few of you looking for something to do. As accountants you have a lot on your plate and it is easy to get caught up in work and forget that there are other things in this world.

One of my favorite movies is Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, a high school kid decides to skip school and go on an adventure. Over the course of a day he goes to a Cub’s game, eats French food, and joins a parade. We can learn a lot from Ferris.  I don’t want you all to skip work and try to pack your day with adventures, BUT I would like for you to make time for yourself.

This year our busy season social media campaign will be movie quotes adapted to the accounting profession. We hope these make it a little easier to make it through the day. This is one of the things we do to try to make your life a little better, it may seem silly but you are busy and we want to ease your tension. If you have suggestions please share them with Molly at molly@mscpa.org, if we use your suggestion we will send you a gift (think gift card, not Cameron’s dad’s Ferrari).


In 2018, you can expect us to continue inspiring, empowering, and impacting our members to achieve professional excellence. Focused on our five pillars (Membership, Sustainability, Connection, Professional Excellence, and Advocacy) we will be here to help you get ahead. We will be telling your stories and trying some new things. Not everything will work perfectly, but we will learn from our mistakes and build on our successes.

Thank you for your continued membership in MSCPA, we appreciate your support and engagement.

The accounting profession is moving pretty fast and MSCPA is here to help you keep up with all the changes.

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