Presidentially Speaking with John Steinhoff

Steinhoff 2015 cropped

John Steinhoff, MSCPA President 2018-2019

I’m truly honored to be your next president of the MSCPA.  My journey started in 2007 when Jane Egan came to Great Falls for a legislative kick off session.  Before the session started, Jane toured MT to talk about the legislature and how we could get more involved in the process.  I volunteered to be on the State Taxation Committee, which eventually led to being on the MSCPA Board of Directors.  The rest, they say, is history.


Being involved and giving back to our profession is one of the best experiences.  You not only get to provide feedback on issues directly facing every CPA, but you also get to work with some amazing people along the way.

A few years ago, the Board changed our volunteer structure and created Task Forces and Strike Forces.  This new model allows busy professionals and young professionals the opportunity to pick and choose various projects/assignments that fit their interest and time constraints.  We’re all busy, but we all have a few hours to give back.  I remember my first few committee meetings and thought “most of the people here have WAY more experience than I do, so what can I contribute?”  I admit I was intimidated, but eventually realized everyone has valuable input.  I encourage our younger members to get involved and experiment with different projects.  You are the future of the Society and our Profession, and we value your service.

Barry Melancon said at our last Council Meeting “Change will never be as slow as it is today.”  Our profession will change rapidly in the next 2 – 5 years, and we need to be on the forefront of these changes.  Your MSCPA Board will address these issues head on and provide our members with the information, tools and education they need to ensure Montana CPAs are prepared for these changes.

I look forward to traveling MT in the next year and interacting with fellow CPAs.  If you have any concerns or issues that are important to you, please let us know as your input is valuable to us.  We will be in Kalispell August 14th, Billings November 6th, and Helena January 16th.  We will send out more information on these meetings and will host a lunch or social, please use this as an opportunity to meet and interact with the Board.

Click here to see the MSCPAs current volunteer opportunities.

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