Mondays at 7 am – it’s time for Legislative Updates

Written by Molly Holahan, MSCPA Communications Director

Monday, January 7th kicked off the start off the MSCPAs first Legislative Update of the season.  Being relatively new to the MSCPA and the Legislative Committee, I kept my line on mute and video off to get a feel for how the meetings are ran and what these 7 am calls were all about.

Anyone can join

If you’re the least bit curious or interested in what’s going on this session, don’t hesitate to join the calls.  You can join from your computer, phone, or mobile device.  We use Zoom meetings, and they are user-friendly and only a few clicks to join or call into.  You have opportunities to share your knowledge on the call or be a fly on the wall and listen.


iverson john 2018

John Iverson, Lobbyist, Iverson Consulting

Meet our lobbyist, John Iverson.  John is our boots on the ground.  He will be at the capitol around the clock, checking committee meetings daily and keeping us on track.  However, he can’t do this without our committee.  He will research bills and help guide us, but we are here to support him too!

Committee Makeup

The Legislative & Government Affairs Committee, along with the support and help from the State and Federal Taxation Committees is a group of MSCPA members from across the Montana that are passionate about the accounting profession and keeping an eye on bills that affect clients and rule changes that impact the profession.  Interested in joining the committee, but don’t live in Helena?  Don’t worry, you can send letters\emails (in place of testifying) to legislators to show your supportKey Person Program or opposition on bills and watch most legislative committee and session meetings online.

Stronger in Numbers

This committee works as a team.  It’s a big undertaking to track all of the bills that impact clients and the profession.  With everyone’s eyes on the prize and ears on the ground, we can cover more territory and make sure legislation doesn’t get overlooked.  The more people we have committed to the group, the better off we are as a whole.

Experience Not Needed

I had no idea what I could bring to the group, but they are there to help and want new members.  The first step, is joining a call and learning from those that have been involved for several years.  They were all new to this at one time too!

Our ask

Join at least one call this session!  You’ll learn a lot and see what goes into a legislative session and how hard our committees works!  It’s an interesting process and we hope you’ll enjoy learning from it!

Click on the link below for login information:

Click here to add to your calendar!

Lastly, don’t forget to join our Key Person Program by completing the following form.

Key Person Program

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