What we know about Delta

Allen Lloyd, Executive Director

We have been closely following the Delta variant of COVID.  MSCPA does not employ an epidemiologist and we can’t tell you if attending in person events is the right decision for you.  As you make your decision, we wanted to share what we know.

Different variants of viruses are completely normal and to be expected, this is why there is a different flu vaccine each year.  What makes the Delta variant worrisome is how it has evolved from prior variants.  Delta replicates much faster.  One of the factors in how sick a person gets from COVID is how much of the virus is present.  Combine these and you can see how Delta could be dangerous. 

The vaccines help prepare your immune system to fight the virus.  You can think of the vaccine as a gameplan given to your body, it now knows how to beat the virus but only if it is able to implement the gameplan.  The term breakthrough case refers to a vaccinated person who gets COVID.  This is happening more due to the rapid replication of Delta.  Before your body can fight it off the virus is replicating enough to give you symptoms.  The good news is for most vaccinated people the symptoms are mild.  Research also shows that people who had COVID tend to fend off Delta better than those who were vaccinated, but never had COVID.  Again, we are all different and we can not predict how the virus would affect you personally.

The past 18 months have been challenging.  You and the profession have risen to the challenge and done amazing things.  We look forward to being together again to celebrate all the hard work that you put in to help your organizations and clients navigate these challenges.  We also understand the challenges are not all in the rear view mirror and we each need to make our own decisions as to what is right for ourselves. 

What is MSCPA asking of you as it relates to COVID? 

  1. If you are not feeling well stay home and get better.  Do NOT come to an in person event, it simply is not worth it. If you come to an event and wake up not feeling great, stay in your room and get room service.  We will refund your registration.
  2. If you are more comfortable wearing a mask, wear a mask.  We will assume there is a smile under your mask.
  3. If you are more comfortable staying home, stay home.  If you need CPE we can find classes for you that you can watch from your home or office.
  4. If you are planning to attend any of our events, please register early.  It really helps us make our plans and prepare for the events. 

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