Leaving a Legacy for Future CPAs

As you are preparing your year-end contributions, please consider helping the MSCPA Legacy Foundation our Christmas Wish List –

A Simple Request:
If you have been a member for 10 years or less – Consider a $25 Donation.
If you have been a member for 10 years or more – Consider a $50 Donation or more.

Why we give:

  1. To provide scholarships for students attending our annual MSCPA Conference- breathing new life into our organization providing a great chance to interact with our future CPAs.
  2. To support educators through the Accounting Bridge program – reaching out to high school students encouraging them to consider majoring in Accounting as they explore possible career paths.
  3. To sponsor speakers that inspire us as professionals at the Annual MSCPA conference and the Industry Conference.
  4. To sponsor Educators attending our Annual Conference – strengthening our link to the university accounting students encouraging them to establish accounting careers in Montana.
  5. To host college campus events- interacting with students at Montana Colleges and Universities offering degrees in Accounting.
  6. To sponsor Financial Literacy- educating future generations.

In the spirit of “The Season of Giving” we hope you will consider a gift to MSCPA Legacy Foundation.  To learn more about the Legacy Foundation and to donate, click here.

Consider a gift today to ensure the strength of the accounting profession of tomorrow.

Best Wishes for a Happy Holiday Season!

The Legacy Foundation Council –
George, Ron, Ann, Clem, John, Terri, Walt & Richard

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