Year End Note from Allen

It is almost 2022, this time last year I was excited to put 2020 in the rearview mirror and felt hopeful for 2021.  We spent most of 2020 adapting and figuring out how to just make it through.  We felt excited that we were able to make it through and the light at the end of the tunnel was getting brighter.  Today it feels like that light was a freight train.  2021 wasn’t what any of us expected or hoped for, but we made it through another challenging year. 

This year has been filled with difficult decisions.  Every time we talked about bringing you back together for in person events, we felt heartbroken when the final decision was to stay virtual.  I can tell you that the phrase “we made the best decision possible with the information available at the time” feels just as hollow when we say it to you as it must feel when you say it related to business decisions you had to make. 

While those decisions didn’t have the result any of us wanted, there were other decisions that started some projects we are very excited to announce.  A group of members worked with a design firm to craft a new brand for the Montana Society of CPAs.  All of us who have seen the results feel like the parent who wrapped the perfect gift and placed it under the tree. 

The timing for the re-brand was driven by our plan to launch a new website in early 2022.  Our current site has served us well, but was built bespoke for us and has limited our ability to adopt features and functions developed by other states.  The new site will allow us to leverage investments made by others to create a better experience for our members.

As we move the website we are also going to change our web address from to Montana.CPA.  We will keep, so you can still email us at our current addresses.  This change will align with our new brand and uses the .CPA url to promote the profession.  As part of this we are also changing vendors for the MT Roots community.  Our new partner will again allow us to better collaborate with other states to add to our community. 

We have two more changes to tell you about that are more internal, but still important for you to know.  First, we will be moving from our office into a co-working space.  How we work and meet has evolved over the past few years and our space needs have significantly changed.  This move will provide us with flexibility and a significant reduction in cost.  Before you move on to number two I ask that you close your eyes and take one or two deep breaths. 

This time next year we will be celebrating Jean’s retirement.  Over my four years with the Society it has been fun to work with Jean and to see how well she takes care of all of you.  As we go through the process of hiring someone we are focused on that mindset of saying yes and then finding a way to make things happen.  We have a group of members helping us craft the hiring process and we will be asking for your help if you know anybody who would be a good fit.  Personally, I am nervous about this process, but I feel better knowing that Jean keeps telling me we will find the right person and be fine.  Jean isn’t wrong often so I trust she is right on this one. 

Thank you for your membership.  We looks forward to seeing you in 2022!



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