What a difference a year makes . . .

by Margaret Herriges, Communications Director

It’s hard to believe that 2013 is drawing to a close. I still remember anticipating what we’d be doing when it turned a new century! Little did I know at that time that I’d actually be starting an adventure with MSCPA within a few months. After nearly 14 years working on your behalf, I count my blessings daily!

But at this time last year there was a different tone to the season . . .

  • Jane was already hard at work with the State Taxation and Legislative Committees, revving up our advocacy engine so we could protect your interests during the legislative session.
  • I was on pins and needles, working with the super folks on the Century Celebration Committee, trying to make MSCPA’s 100th anniversary celebration an event you would always remember. 
  • Carol was keeping us all financially prudent and making Peer Review run smooth as silk. 
  • Jean was busy preparing for the 2013 CPE Season and working like mad to get the calendar published by the end of January for our members in industry. Okay, that hasn’t changed . . . this very week she’s putting the finishing touches on a calendar that will be so beautiful and a great resource as well. 
  • And at this time last year, the voice you heard when you called the office was Kay Roos.

Thankfully we’re coming into an even numbered year so that means no legislature, but Jane and the folks on the State Tax and Legislative Committees have already started working on legislation for the 2015 session. Our advocacy efforts have never been stronger and we are launching into 2014 with ideas about tax simplification that will make it easier for people to comply with our voluntary tax system. You’ll be hearing a lot of information about that in the coming months.

The 100th Anniversary Celebration was an event to be remembered and I’m so honored to have coordinated the efforts to make it special for you. It was an event I will always treasure. We will be announcing the line up of speakers soon but mark your calendars for June 19 and 20, 2014 in Helena for the 101st Annual Meeting. In the last few months we’ve incorporated some major changes to our social media presence in an effort to make communications with you more vital and in 2014 we will make some huge changes to our web presence that will make www.mscpa.org a better tool than ever.

The State Board Profession Monitoring Program morphed into the MSCPA Peer Review and that gives Carol the opportunity to help even more CPAs throughout the state become more proficient, more professional at their work. This has been a big change for many of you and Carol is here to walk you through it all.

Time has never been more critical for each of you and because of that, Jean and the Professional Development Committee have been working to offer more webcasts on more topics. Our education model is changing and Jean has not only kept MSCPA current with the changes, she helps the entire Society blaze new trails for education options.

And we said our farewells to Kay (she’s doing awesome by the way) and welcomed Shannon Murray to the office as our new Secretary. We can’t wait to bring her to conferences and the convention to meet you all.

There are so many big and little changes that happen in a membership organization throughout the year. The one constant is our respect and admiration of our members. We are proud to work on your behalf and excited to bring you new tools and resources, more advocacy efforts and incredible education offerings. VALUE is the word we focus on these days as we strive to make everything we do more valuable to your in your accounting career.

This holiday season and throughout 2014 we hope your blessings are many and your worries are few. And if we can help with some of those worries please remember we are a phone call or email away.

Merry Christmas! And a wonderful New Year!